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Bealls Customer Service Staff Review
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Recieved my order, opened box and a security button was still attached. In side of one shoe was a price tag of $26.00 attached to the heal. I was charged $39.99 sale price. Called customer service about both tag and price. Was told I have to return shoes or go to a store to have tag removed and they cant honor price with out proof. Took picture, sent to customer service supervisor. Was called back hours later and told that tag isnt theirs and... Read more

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my brother bought my grandsons some shoes (3 paris) well i had to return one for a bigger size when i got to the Abilene, tx. store i had all my receipts and i told the cashier what i needed to do i had my gift receipt. i told her that i needed to return it for a bigger size and that my brother had purchase it on his Bealls card so to please not to put it back on his card because it was a gift from him to my grandson. an what was the first thing... Read more

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My wife and I shopped in Bealls a month ago. We had a $10 off coupon for a $25 purchase plus it was senior discount day. We found exactly what we needed but the cashier told us the coupon didn't apply because the brand name we were using was not included. She was very snippy and talked about how nobody ever reads the fine print but that we could still get the senior discount. Her snippy attitude was such a turn off that we declined and walked... Read more

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0n black friday the assistant manager proved how immature and un professional she is at the Texarkana Texas store. Apparently she was mad about the customers and being busy. She threw a fit when the manager told her to come take a register and wait on customers. He name tag said April. She then threw a fit and tried to degrade the manager when she was told to go home if she did not want to help with customers. She was yelling and trying to... Read more

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They don't tell you shipping will come direct from supplier. Call to ask and customer service not helpful and informs you it is stated you ask where. She says have a nice day. Thanks for not being clear on your website and for your rude customer service.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 12
  • #917240

I use to buy my Estée Lauder from Bealls in Mineral Wells Texas. They got rid of the girls that ran the Estée Lauder and Clinique. Now they have someone who doesn't know anything about the products and the store want let her order products do they don't have any stock on hand and no one who knows anything about the product. So back to ordering on line . WNt use Bealls again

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 06
  • #913939

I am a bealls card holder I've gone in to the uvalde store a few times and all ur employers there r rude and act like they r doing me a favor to check me out and never willing to help lots more complains on fb I go to San Antonio but that's an hour away will pay off my balance in time and probably won't use anymore

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Went to return an item tonight, and my credit card chip wouldn't work. So, as i asked questions about their policy, the cashier turned to another cashier and said ignorance is bliss. I was astonished. As my daughter was there with me, i replied "were you speaking of us?" She looked at me and said ignorance is bliss, if the shoe fits wear it. I said is this how you talk to your customers? She literally started bopping her head and shaking her... Read more

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After standing in line for 35 minutes, with only 1 person ahead of me, and 6 cashiers standing around, then when I finally got to a register, the untrained clerk said she could not issue the refund without the credit card. I told her my husband bought them for me and they did not fit. She called a manager and then the untrained manager proceeded to tell me she was protecting the account and refused to take the shoes back, MIND YOU, they are in... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • May 31
  • #857531

Ordered item may 22nd. Delivery was scheduled for May 28th. However Bealls did a switch and had it delivered to post office to deliver. It's been 'out for delivery since the 28th.' The whole point of ordering online is the convenience of having it delivered where you want to! Praying it's not lost but who knows! Will never order from them again!

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